Saturday, October 18, 2008

Did Barack Obama have Homosexual Relations with Bill Ayers?

You are aware, unless you are a main-stream-media-whore, that an associate of Senator Obama, reformed homosexual Larry Sinclair, has described in detail ( his coked-up homosexual escapades with the Senator. This may sound crazy to the blind and naive, but Sinclair has a great deal of credibility, given the evidence he presents on his website, and Senator Obama's own corroboration in his autobiography.

Senator Obama is gay, and cheating on his wife with men. That much is known.

This has been the subject of at least two court-cases, but the Obama camp worked their dismissal on loopholes and technicalities, conveniently enabling Mr. Obama to avoid coming clean. Sinclair has been vetted by conservative journalists, and his story holds up flawlessly. Typical of the liberal coward, Obama has been absolutely silent, opting instead to smear Sinclair with the help of Joe Biden. He even arranged for Sinclair to be arrested after his press conferences-- how is that for freedom, liberals?

Why hasn't Senator Obama come out (pardon the expression, homos) and proven these "allegations" false? My wager is that he simply cannot. If he tries, John McCain will nail him again as the liar he truly is, whereas otherwise McCain is content to let the issue sleep, being a man of integrity, preferring to talk about real issues (unlike Obama).

Thus the question of the hour is: How often have Barack Obama's and Bill Ayer's dicks crossed?

Bill Ayers is Obama's mentor. Both are "professors" at U Chicago, both are involved in the same above ground-organizations (like supposed charity ---), both are terrorists, and both have an unquenchable love of the cock. They even domicile in the same neighborhood, which is quite convenient for impromptu homosexual visits. Knowing their simultaneous tendencies and natural affection and proximity, how can we conclude anything but raging manlove?

Senator Obama, you owe us an explanation. I dare you to look America in her eye and deny your nature.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Front of Disgust

By God's great design, I live in a swing state. (Aside from a few gay areas, it would make a fine red state.)  It is difficult to juggle campaign organization, the campaign blog, and of course my book, so you have my apologies for delay. Without ado, I must convey my disgust:

The Obama Sewer Rally

For the greater good I infiltrated an Obama Socialist rally. This stampede of stupidity, this hoard of homosex earn me a sure Nobel Peace Prize nomination for not slaughtering them like diseased feral cats (wait-- conservatives cannot win these). The highlights:

  • Chants of "[expletive]-McCain". Almost the whole crowd, from the homeless to parents and their puppet-like children.
  • Occasional use of C--- for Palin. I say C--- would disqualify a candidate were it not for First Amendment bitchers.
  • Shoving an undecided voter: you cannot be friends with a liberal unless you are too; in fact, you cannot even talk to them. I saw the proof.
  • One colorful, impromptu death-contest. By this, I mean one liberal wishes death upon McCain, and another follows up with imagery, then another tries to top him, etc.
  • Nudity
I had enough at that and left.

Barack Obama is simply sick to enable these people, so this rally is a testament to his character. But, we should have known this from his associations already.