Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Front of Disgust

By God's great design, I live in a swing state. (Aside from a few gay areas, it would make a fine red state.)  It is difficult to juggle campaign organization, the campaign blog, and of course my book, so you have my apologies for delay. Without ado, I must convey my disgust:

The Obama Sewer Rally

For the greater good I infiltrated an Obama Socialist rally. This stampede of stupidity, this hoard of homosex earn me a sure Nobel Peace Prize nomination for not slaughtering them like diseased feral cats (wait-- conservatives cannot win these). The highlights:

  • Chants of "[expletive]-McCain". Almost the whole crowd, from the homeless to parents and their puppet-like children.
  • Occasional use of C--- for Palin. I say C--- would disqualify a candidate were it not for First Amendment bitchers.
  • Shoving an undecided voter: you cannot be friends with a liberal unless you are too; in fact, you cannot even talk to them. I saw the proof.
  • One colorful, impromptu death-contest. By this, I mean one liberal wishes death upon McCain, and another follows up with imagery, then another tries to top him, etc.
  • Nudity
I had enough at that and left.

Barack Obama is simply sick to enable these people, so this rally is a testament to his character. But, we should have known this from his associations already.

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