Monday, October 1, 2007

What TRUE Americans stand for:

  • Destruction by any means of all liberal thoughts, public or tacit, advancing the homo-communist tenets of the Democrat Party

  • Lasting peace in the world via American control of the Middle East and military occupation of Iran

  • Rejection/impeachment/banishment/arrest of Blame-America-First Democrat crooks

  • Free medicine, social security, marihuana, and welfare for all lazies on* America (just kidding HA!)

  • Election of, and participation in society by, Christians alone. America is founded as a Christian nation exclusively, and were it not for Satan-Activist Judges, Jesus would be a prerequisite for citizenship. This means REAL Christianity-- not those who call on Jesus for political gain (e.g., to advance entitlements for poor, weakness in the name of peace, anti-family hand-outs-for-children and other Democrat wet dreams)-- but rather compassionate, Republican, authentic Christianity that will not be run over by prancing gays, evolutionists, peace activists and welfare whiners.

  • The end to America's strangulation at the hands of political correctness, 'multiculturalism' and anti-white racism

  • The flat tax! Why punish our best citizens with higher tax rates!?

  • Cessation of liberal mega-partisanship

If any of you sniveling varmint cannot accept this, then just leave for this is what America truly is. Don't let the door to Mexico hit you on the way out!

*NOTE: I say "on America" because such people are not AMERICANS/in America, but merely passing by. You gotta earn it!

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