Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Back from Jail and I am Pissed!


I have had quite the ordeal since I last graced you. In October I fell face first into the unfair reality of American life– by the filthy, wanting hands of illegals no less. Six months I have had to ponder this in jail.

On October 3rd my friends let me get drunk and drive home. We cuss and cavort a lot and I enjoy their company; in fact so much so, it's rather understandable that such a mistake might get made. That night, three blocks from the pub, I eased up to an intersection where an unlucky member of a troop of no-gooders hit me and went under my car.

Maybe I should say "lucky member" because it turns this was a family of illegals. Now, thanks to the rampant homo-communism in America, he has complete long-term hospital coverage despite not a legitimately earned dime to his name. In the name of Christ, this incenses me to no end. A complete free ride!

America will catch its death from the vectors smuggled in the blood of illegals, and frankly, with this ultraliberal attitude, she will deserve it.

And, amazingly, I and the one to get punished. Yes, I was drunk and had a red light, and there is no excuse for that, but if these people had not stolen the very footsteps that brought into our country, I would have never been in this predicament.

I ask for your prayers for my family and I in these frustrating times, and your continued patronage of course.

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